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Hippmann Architects BDA was founded in Stuttgart in 2001. Since then the office has grown steadily, with people who all believe in inspiring projects. In all our designs and projects we strive to achieve the perfect balance between function and atmosphere. Our goal is not only to create impressive buildings, but also to improve the quality of life for the users.
The spectrum of architecture ranges from residential buildings to town halls and community centers to commercial buildings, hotels and interior design. Especially the different tasks allow a constant urge for new ways without ignoring the old.

2001-2011 Marco Hippmann Architecture

2011-2016 Hippmann Hardegger Architects BDA

Since 2017  Hippmann Architects BDA


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Marco Hippman

Managing Director

Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Christopher Bisinger


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Lonni Gorlach


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Nicole Ludwig


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Frances Adams


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Luke's legend


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Corinne Stauffer


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Manuela Weissman


Marco Hippmann_edited_edited.jpg

Hanna Hippmann

Marketing & PR

Since 2001

Patrizia Bower. Thorsten Buck. Gonzalo Canales. Bernhard Felger. Anke Gungl. Azita Honarmandi. Bruno Hooss. Jan Hundt. Timo Kircher . Caroline Lahode. Bernd Maly. Julia Meisel. Maren Pipplies. Christian Daniel Schmid. Isabella Schmidt. Christopher Steinbach. Rita Teixeira. Stefan Trump. Yeah Ziligen

Honourings and prices

DAM Prize_2020_Shortlist
timber construction price 12.png
4059the best single-family houses
building price_allgaeu

club traube - wine shop . Stuttgart

2019   DAM Prize 2020 - Shortlist - TOP 26 in and from Germany -  

       best architects 2020 - award

       Exemplary building 2015 -2019 Stuttgart - award

       build of the week


New building for the Catholic community center of St. Michael.  tubingen

2018   Architecture Day

New construction of the town hall in Weiherhammer

2014   Architectural Prize Color - Structure - Surface 2014, nomination


Production hall and exhibition building of Holz Waidelich GmbH & Co. KG, Waldenbuch

2012   Timber construction prize Baden-Württemberg 2012, recognition
       Ministry for Rural Areas and Urban Planning Baden-Württemberg


House N, Kempten

2011   HÄUSER AWARD 2011, The best single-family houses (book publication)

2010   thomas exchange prize 2010, winner

2009   Baupreis allgäu 2009, winner


iw magazines
DAM2020 book.jpg
Architecture Guide Germany
db magazine
the best single-family homes


Yearbook of Architecture 2021 - club t raube

Deutscher Architektur Verlag, Munster

Dennis Krause (ed.), ISBN 978-3-946154-51-8

German Architecture Yearbook 2020 - club traube

German Architecture Annual 2020

Yorck Förster, Christina Graewe 
Peter Cachola Schmal (ed.), ISBN 978-3-86922-755-9 (German/English)

bba construction I consulting I architecture . 05-2020 - club grape

Trade magazine for architects, planners and civil engineers

Minimalism reduces costs. Holger Kotzan, pp. 10-14


DAB Deutsches Architektenblatt  . 03-2020 -  club grape

DAM Prize 2020

Exemplary building . Stuttgart 2015 -2019



2020 twenty twenty - best architects 20 award - club traube

ISBN number: 978-3-946021-04-9

Architecture Guide Germany 2020 - club traube

DOM publishers - Berlin, ISBN number: 978-3-86922-749-8

IW Magazines . 129 I Taiwan I 08/26/2019 - club traube


db German construction newspaper - ISSN 0721-1902  I 7-8.2019 - club grape

Detail I architecture blog I  08/22/2019 - club grape

build of the week I 03/20/2019 - club traube I design art blog I 06.03.2019 - club traube I minimal art blog I 07.03.2019 - club grape I architecture blog I 07.03.2019 -  club grape


Uptrend / Issue 01 / 2014

Urgent hall – motorsport center ABT Sportsline

Author Lars Krone, photos Lars Lienert


wa / current competitions , 9/2011

Competitions pursued - new construction of a town hall and redesign of the town center in Weiherhammer

The best family houses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Hanno Rauterberg /Bettina Hintze


ISBN number: 978-3-7667-1872-3



wa / current competitions , 10/2010

Realization competition for the new town hall and redesign of the town center in Weiherhammer

german-architects eMagazine

New construction of the town hall and redesign of the town center in Weiherhammer - Interview with Peter Petz

Allgäu newspaper 14.09.2010

Architectural Reports Series (7) – House N in Kempten

thomas change price 2010 - architecture price for swabia

Book edition of the BDA Bayern, district association Ausgburg-Schwaben



construction prize allgäu 2009 . The projects

Book edition – architekturforum kempten



wa / current competitions , 05/2004

Realization competition for the new town hall in Neuhausen ob Eck



German Architecture Museum (DAM), Frankfurt - club traube. Stuttgart

01/31 - 09/20/2020     DAM Prize 2020 - The 26 best buildings in/from Germany

Stuttgart City Hall - club traube. Stuttgart

04.02. - 02/26/2020     Exemplary building Stuttgart - 2015 - 2019


Exhibition thomaswechspreis 2010 - BDA Bavaria - residential building N

03/14 - 04/18/2011     Memmingen train station

05/21 - 06/26/2011     Oberstdorf, Villa Jaus

07/18 - 07/29/2011     Bobingen, Town Hall Square


Exhibition building prize allgäu 2009 - architekturforum kempten - residential building N

31.10 - 06.12.2009      Kempten, Kunsthalle

08.02 - 05.03.2010      Immenstadt, House of Literature

09.03 - 20.03.2010      Memmingen, town hall

07/17 - 07/23/2010     Augsburg, former worsted spinning mill

09.03 - 20.03.2010      Munich, Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior 


June 10, 2021

University of Applied Sciences - HFT Stuttgart - Faculty of Interior Design - Gastronomy Concepts

on-line - off-line  

club grape – Marco Hippmann

August 20, 2020

Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM - Frankfurt as part of the JUNG LECTURES - live stream

Just commercial construction?

club grape - Marco Hippmann

November 5, 2013

Federal Foundation of Building Culture, all-day event "how to continue working - workplaces of the future" in Tübingen on exemplary projects, guided tour: factory building of the company Holzbau Waidelich, Waldenbuch - Marco Hippmann


December 8, 2010

'The Black Bread Series', Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart, Lecture: Continue building - Marco Hippmann

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