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Film presentation "Business as Usual" by  Monica Menez
Dorotheenquartier. Stuttgart

September 30, 2023

The Stuttgart photographer Monica Menez presents her multiple international award-winning film "Business as Usual" in the Dorotheenquartier in the heart of Stuttgart. The fashion film for the Stuttgart eyewear label Willems Eyewear was filmed at Club Traube in 2019. 

Photo + Video: Monica Menez

Willem's Beauty Palace

HaIlfingen gets its new village square
Village center with Sophie Scholl primary school. Hailfingen

September 18, 2023

Construction work for the center of the village has begun. Now the entire project can be completed!

By carefully changing traffic routing, through traffic is calmed down and thus enables a modern urban space with a high quality of stay for all citizens.

Although the Sophie Scholl School was inaugurated in autumn 2020, the extensive work for the center of the village could not be implemented immediately afterwards as planned due to Corona-related budget restrictions.

Sophie Scholl School

Construction site report II
Boarding House - holiday residential complex. Altusried

August 11, 2023

The project continues to progress!

Video: Mösle Construction Company. Leutkirch Allgäu

Project report
Logistics center in Ahrensburg (SH) of the Fa. Joh. Voegele Ingredients company
Dangerous goods warehouse in wooden construction

May 10, 2023

The Fa. Joh. Voegele company focuses on sustainability and environmentally conscious actions. The new company building in Schleswig-Holstein was implemented under these premises and thus also embodies the company philosophy in the area of architecture. For the first time in Germany, a wooden hazardous goods warehouse was implemented and thus represents a milestone in modern wooden construction architecture. An unconventional planning process with some completely new approaches had to be followed in order to meet all technical and legal requirements without compromising on functionality and usability and architecture to have to accept.

Ahrensburg Hippmann.jpg

Blickfang Design Days

March 8, 2023 . 6.30 p.m. - 9 p.m

An Unplaced in the east of Stuttgart. Architecture, wine and design - with architect Marco Hippmann

Tickets available here: Blickfang Design Days tickets

Untitled design.png

Construction site report I
Boarding House - holiday residential complex. Altusried

March 1, 2023

After the groundbreaking took place in October 2022, the first external walls of the basement are now in place.

Boarding House

Sports hall . Hirschberg on Bergstrasse

February 20, 2023

After we won the implementation competition in October 2022, we have now been commissioned by the municipality of Hirschberg for the architectural services. We are looking forward to a beautiful project with modern wooden construction. Of course sustainable and future-proof. 

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 12.19.02.png

Construction site report V
Logistics center in Ahrensburg (SH) of the Fa. Joh. Voegele Ingredients company
Dangerous goods warehouse in wooden construction

February 28, 2023

It's done!

The logistics center is currently being moved into and the new location in northern Germany has been completed.

We wish the Voegele employees a good start!


Construction site report IV
Logistics center in Ahrensburg (SH) of the Joh. Voegele Ingredients company
Dangerous goods warehouse in wooden construction

November 3rd, 2022

Wooden facade
Rescue center Malterdingen

September 30, 2022

We are pleased about the 1st prize in the realization competition “Construction of a training hall at the Sachsenhalle” in Hirschberg on Bergstrasse.
The focus is on what we have in common - the club, the school and the citizens. A sports building is to be built that includes both sports halls and the multi-purpose room and allows different users and uses at any time, including at the same time, via two access options.

This can be seen in the building through a uniform facade and roof design, in which the entrances are marked according to their different value. In addition to a now clearly recognizable sports entrance, a realignment of the visitor entrance towards the east is also proposed in the interests of a more representative overall appearance. This creates a quality of stay for celebrations after a home win with a view of the vineyards. In the southern area, a small terrace complements the outdoor dining options.

Sports hall Hirschberg

Architecture price wine 2022
club traube among the 12 nominations

Award ceremony and exhibition opening on April 27, 2022. 6.30 p.m

In a joint initiative of the Rhineland-Palatinate Wine Ministry, the German Winegrowers Association and the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects, the "Wine Architecture Prize" was awarded for the fifth time after 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. It focuses on the special connection between viniculture and building culture - for the first time with a focus on sustainability.
The award honors exemplary solutions in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning in the areas of viticulture, wine production, wine marketing, as well as gastronomy and tourism. Twelve applications were nominated for the award. They can all be seen in the exhibition and will be presented at the award ceremony in the Rhineland-Palatinate Baukultur Center.

Venue | Center for building culture in Rhineland-Palatinate

Rheinstrasse 55, 55116 Mainz
Opening times: Wed to Fri, 2 to 6 p.m

club traube


The construction of construction phase I is progressing rapidly.

Overall, construction phase I  approx. 13,300 cubic meters of enclosed space.

Construction site-Nov21.jpg

22.10.2021 . 3 p.m

Finally, the Sophie Scholl School in Hailfingen can be inaugurated with a festive ceremony.

In addition to all the students and teachers, Lord Mayor Neher and Mayor Kircher will also lead through the celebrations. All citizens are invited, big and small! The 3G rule applies!

Sophie Scholl School


The timber construction work could begin just six weeks after the start of the earthworks and structural work.

This means that the building shell can be completed before Christmas, thanks to the high level of prefabrication!

Ahrensburg 10I21 construction site


Construction has started!

The special building - dangerous goods warehouse with office and laboratory space - is being built in wood and with a maximum degree of prefabrication.

Ahrensburg construction site 09I21

06/10/2021 . 7 p.m

Marco Hippmann is looking forward to an online lecture at the HFT Stuttgart. Department of interior design on the subject of gastronomy concepts. In particular, he will present the club traube project in Stuttgart.

How an online shop could become an offline location and also how added value was developed for the entire company.

club grape


A great collaboration with the builders and the company HerzHaus , Hetisried has come to an end. The family of four was able to move in last year and feels completely at home. We would like to thank everyone involved!

Residential building T3 foyer


Site Report  IV/20:

The building is finished and handed over. Now only the outdoor facilities have to be completed.



Together with the German Architecture Museum DAM in Frankfurt, we present you as part of the JUNG LECTURES. all 23 projects from the shortlist of the DAM Prize 2020 in a live stream.  

Just commercial construction?
Thursday, August 20th, 2020
  l  05:00 PM
Brandlhuber + Emde, Burlon/Muck Petzet Architects &
Hippmann Architects

Moderators and hosts:

Nicole Heptner, Architecture Media Management JUNG

Peter Cachola Schmal, Director DAM

club grape

Sophie Scholl Elementary School. Hailfingen


Site report  II/20:

The facades are already finished and the interior work is in full swing. Many thanks to all craftsmen, specialist planners, users and client representatives who make it possible to complete the building despite the Corona circumstances.

Sophie Scholl Elementary School

Exhibition in the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) is extended until September 20th, 2020



Award ceremony on February 4th, 2020

All interested parties can visit the exhibition of all award-winning projects in Stuttgart City Hall up to and including February 26, 2020.

In order to raise awareness of building culture in everyday life, the Chamber of Architects has been awarding exemplary building for years. The aim is to track down exemplary architecture in a specific context and to honor architects and builders for their joint commitment. (Author of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects)

Photographer: Max Kovalenko


Exhibition Opening at the DAM in Frankfurt am Main
German Architecture Yearbook publishes club traube


Since 2007, the DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany has been awarded to outstanding buildings in Germany every year.

The presentation for the DAM Prize 2020 shows current architecture from Germany and remarkable projects by German architects in other countries. From a long list of over 100 buildings completed between autumn 2017 and spring 2019, a jury selected the 23 presented building ensembles in Germany and three examples abroad.

Parallel to the opening of the exhibition, the German Architecture Yearbook 2020 will be published by DOM publishers, Berlin.

Photographer:  Moritz Bernoully

DAM2020 book.jpg

club traube at the Ludwigsburg Architecture Quartet


7.30 p.m. in the music hall in Ludwigsburg

The Ludwigsburg architecture quartet discusses the qualities of new architecture.

This event has been "on the air" twice a year since 1998. On the podium, 4 people from architecture and cultural life will discuss the qualities of new architecture. The Ludwigsburg architecture quartet was the first of similar formats that later emerged in other cities.

The aim of the Ludwigsburg architecture quartet is to make the interested public familiar with contemporary building in the Stuttgart area. The event is by no means only aimed at a specialist audience, rather all citizens are invited to the discussion of the quartet on the podium. (Text excerpt LAQ)

LBAQ logo.png

Beispielhaftes Bauen 2015-2019  - Stuttgart
Award for club traube


In order to raise awareness of the building culture in everyday life, the Chamber of Architects has been awarding exemplary building for years. The aim is to track down exemplary architecture in a specific context and to honor architects and builders for their joint commitment. (Author of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects)


Topping-out Ceremony for the Sophie-Scholl Elementary School. Hailfingen


Topping out ceremony!

Big and small citizens of Hailfingen took part in the topping-out ceremony and showed great interest in the future school in the center of the village. Mayor Neher expressed his thanks to the craftsmen involved. 

topping out ceremony

Fire Station in Leingarten - Recognition


We were able to make an acquisition in the restricted planning competition for the new fire station in Leingarten.

Leingarten fire department

club traube by Sebastian Harms


Sebastian Harms, designer and director from Zurich, approached the club traube from a different perspective.

Sophie Scholl Elementary School. Hailfingen


Site report  III/19:

The bare brickwork is finished! Now the three roof trusses can be done. The school is taking shape!

Sophie Scholl Elementary School

club traube in IW Magazine . Taiwan


The IW Magazine from Taiwan dedicated several pages to our club traube in its current issue.

iw magazines

Publication in "deutsche Bauzeitung" - Magazine


The "deutsche bauzeitung" publishes club traube in the current issue 7-8/2019. Editor and critic Ulrike Kunkel took the time to visit the property on site. We are happy about the publication and about the extremely positive criticism.

db magazine
club grape

Award "best architects 20" for club traube


For the fourteenth time, the best architects award honors the best architects and architects' offices. All European architects and architects' offices that have realized projects of the highest quality were asked to submit their projects to the »best architects 20« competition. A top-class international jury for the award selected the best works and awarded them for the publication »best architects 20« .

The best architects award is an independent award that honors outstanding architectural achievements and makes them accessible to a broad public. Due to the steadily increasing number of participants and the very high quality of the submitted works, the award has developed into an important event in the architecture scene.

And we're in!


club traube is shortlisted for the DAM Prize for Architecture 2020


club traube in Stuttgart is one of the 26 nominated buildings on the shortlist for

DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2020.


We're heading into the home stretch!

The last facade parts are being assembled and the interior work is coming to an end!

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